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Special Lovers Day SMS Collections

Without Love — dayz areSadday,moanday,tearsday,wasteday,thirstday,frightday,shatterday…so be in Luv everyday…Wish u a Happy Valentine’s Day Perfect love is not receiving,it is giving and forgiving.Perfect love is not red roses on valentine’s day,|its the rest of 364 days of knowing you love someone. What the heart gives away is never gone,but kept in the hearts of others,

Don’t forget me ever-Valentine’s Day Sms

1)- “I dont say that you should cry when i’m sad.I know no one can do that for me”2)- “I don’t want that you spend all ur time with me.I know its impossible..”3)- “I don’t want to take a special place in your heart.I know its too much to ask…”My wish is,some day,some place,when you

Valentine’s Day Sms Collection in Tamil

“Sirikkum Rojakkal Kooda Un Punnagaiyai Kandaal Sinthikkum Oru Nodi…! Indha Poo Nammai Vida Azhagaai Irukirathey Endru” So keep smiling my sweet friend.`“Arukil erunthu parkkum sugathi vida”…“Manathil ninithu parkkum sugame inbam”…So everytime am think of u…`Alagiya Varigal: “Ithayaththai Irumbaga thaan Vaithu irunthen… Yarukku Theriyum Aval Gaanthamaga Iruppal yendru…!`Unnai Marantha idhayathai Ninaithu Kondu,Unnai Unmaiyaga Nesikkum idhayathai izhanthu